Board of Directors

Michelle Fulweber - President

Born and raised in Bowling Green Ohio, Michelle married her husband, David of 38 years and has 3 children and 1 grandchild.  She spent 20 years raising their family and traveling the United States until her husband retired from the United States Navy.  Throughout this time she helped support her family by working in office type settings from entry-level positions through management. 


Michelle resides in Ashland, Wisconsin.  She is currently a volunteer, coach and the agency manager of Chequamegon Bay Area Athletes Special Olympics.  She is also on the Agency Management Team for Special Olympics Wisconsin.  Her passion is for the Word and broken-hearted.  Knowing the transforming power of Christ personally, she desires to help others to know who God is and to be able to show that there is hope for the broken hearted.  For over 3 years she has been facilitating an Inductive Bible Study to help others open the Living Word to know and seek who God really is.

Sonia Reyes-Buffalo - Secretary 

Boozhoo (Hello)! I am decedent of Chief Buffalo from the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, born and raised on the Red Cliff Reservation (Buffalo Estate) in northern Wisconsin. My relatives and community members have been here since the treaty of 1854. A little about myself: I am a mother, I am half Puerto Rican, I am bold, ambitious, outgoing, talented, and very much in love with Jesus Christ. It wasn’t always this way. My love for Jesus came out of severe pain and suffering. He called my name out of the flames and now I have a hunger to serve Him any way I can. My story is like many others, one of resilience, triumph over darkness, and redemption. I have come a long way, from severe drug addict--to my true identity which is found deep within the revelation of the Holy Trinity and the UNFATHOMABLE love God has for me. I am grounded and rooted into the wisdom of scripture and love to be of encouragement to the Body of Christ setting hearts ablaze for the Kingdom of God. I come to recognize that true evangelism comes from a pure heart and it is my honor to share the Gospel that saved my life with all nations. I am excited to be on an adventurous journey chasing after Jesus and am very excited it led me to you.

I love to speak out about my faith and the Word, I have been to many churches sharing my testimony. Joining the Board of Directors for Crossroads Ministry is a joy and honor. I hope to bring my God given talents to the roots of this ministry in efforts to help serve God in a powerful way.



Annette Dallager - Treasurer

Annette Dallager has traveled with God to several places around the world. She enjoys seeing God work in ways we as people could never dream. Annette has lived in the Ashland area for 8 years with her husband Isaac, and they have two beautiful daughters.


She has a very logical and analytical perspective which she uses for development and organization at Crossroads.


Annette enjoys spending time with her family and teaching her young girls what it means to be a woman of God. Together they enjoy lots of camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities in the summer. During the cold Wisconsin winters they enjoy reading, crocheting and knitting.

Jeremiah McClure

Jeremiah McClure

Jim LeGarde

I have participated in SA groups and have led the Sexual Purity Groups for Crossroads Outreach Center for the past year.


Turning to the Lord as my life was spinning out of control in 1982, I have had the Lord take me through the recovery/freedom process from sexual addiction issues through prayer and the bible. I have worked on a psych/detox unit for over 22 years and have attended a 3 yr bible survey course shortly after being saved. I have been involved in several prayer groups and initiatives over the years. I have a passion to see people restored and set free from addictions.

A simple man that God chose to pull up out of the miry pit and set him on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. A man that was once lost yet Christ has found. A dead man that was hell bound and shackled by the chains and bondage of sin, yet brought to life by Christ. A man that had the gracious love of God lavished on him since the day of my salvation and even before. Yet never recognized it. God took a man that could barely read to a man that loves to read, most of all the Word of God.


God gave me wisdom to become an electrician when I would never have been able to before. God brought blessing through family, I now have 4 kids and one on the way and an amazing godly wife. Most of all, I am a new creation. A new creation molded by the same potter’s hands that framed, formed, developed and are presently holding together this magnificent creation from all the inhabitants, animals, plants, worlds and stars. I’m a man that stands in awe at the fact that God in all His attributes, power and glory wants to have a relationship with such a wretch as me.