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David & Debbie McFadden

Past Experience/Venues

Debbie and I conduct seminars and workshops several times annually in churches and we also do CEU training for licensed therapists including professional counselors, social workers and psychologists in the state of Illinois.


Debbie and I are both life long Christians and met in Bible College. We have spent over 20 years in full time ministry where David served as Sr. Pastor. A vision for our future was born in 1985 as we sat drinking coffee and praying on our deck in Michigan which included planting a church and starting a counseling practice.  

In 1990 we moved to the NW suburbs of Chicago to begin phase 1 of our God given plan and started a new church. After meeting in schools for 4 years we rented 10,000 sq. ft. of a shopping center, remodeled it for church use and were conducting 3 services with 400 plus attending when we moved on to phase 2 of our plan in 1996.

In our next phase we started a counseling practice which first involved just the two of us. We added a psychologist who had come to Christ through our church plant and eventually grew to include 5 locations and 20 employees at one point in time, including space in two churches. We sold the practice in 2018. Currently we continue to help couples and individuals on a limited basis. We do most of our work by live video or phone with occasional in-office sessions.

We are firmly committed to Christ and to His Church. We are also fully committed to each other and our family which includes 13 grandchildren. We recently celebrated 45 years of marriage. We have a heart for ALL couples because we know that marriage is difficult for many people. Because of our years in ministry we fully understand the life of a pastor and family and are uniquely qualified to help and counsel those in ministry.