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100% Relationships First!!

John 17:3a

And this is life eternal that they might know thee…

I had the thought this morning as I read this that our eternity will be spent knowing our Heavenly Father. He says that this is eternal life!! If you let your mind wander on that thought for a few minutes maybe it will excite you(I hope it does). But sometimes I read something like this and it doesn’t excite me like I know it should do it’s ok if it doesn’t excite you. Many times it doesn’t excite the human part of me neither if I’m 100% honest. Getting to know someone for eternity sounds boring to my flesh many times when compared to hunting Moose on the Yukon River in Alaska with a good friend or riding to some remote mountain peak on a snowmobile with my boys or sitting on the couch and watching the Andy Griffith show and laughing with my family. So as I thought about this this morning I realized afresh that none of my best feelings, thoughts, or emotions are void of relationships. It’s all about them actually because in my heart someone who loves me is always with me in my best memories or thoughts of future expeditions.

So here this morning sitting in my house alone drinking this cup of coffee and watching the sun come up and eventually through my east facing window it is revealed to me in a new and fresh way that there is nothing that really matters in this life except relationships. That’s it!! That’s all!! That’s the heartbeat of the Bible!! That’s the problem on this earth!! The lack of it actually drives sin and addiction and evil!! That’s why God loves everyone because He sees opportunity for relationship!! The heartbeat of our God is relationship with you and with me not just for today and this moment but it will actually be what we do for eternity. It won’t get old!! We will be in this perfect relationship with this amazing loving designer of relationship. He’s already the perfect half in relationship and is always steady and always constant, and always available, and always understanding. He always listens and we are always seen and fully known and still regardless of it all He loves us and chooses us. Honestly I’m kinda excited about this today!! It feels fresh and simple and new in my heart and mind. Like the light finally came on inside me!

So today as you go about your day and I go about mine. Nothing so much matters in this life as relationship!! Relationship!!! That one between you and Jesus(I pray you have that one if not do so now), that one between spouses, or family, or employees, or customers. Relationships!! That’s it. We all need them. We all desire them. Even the greatest hermit on the planet deep down needs and desires to be loved and wanted.

It will be the heartbeat of eternity for sure!! How about today right now in this moment? What is driving us onward and why? Are there relationships that need healing in your life? I’ve got a few. Today is a good day to reach out and make effort to help heal that broken relationship. Jesus Jesus all for Jesus!! Have a great day pursuing healthy relationships!


He loves you!!

And so do I!!

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