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Matthew 7:25

And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

As I opened my eyes this morning and looked out the window and prayed for a minute or so all I could see was the blue sky and the trees being moved by a light wind. It got me to thinking about my life and the lives of others and I guess lives in general. You see the sky was blue outside early this morning but even as I sit here writing this an hour and a half later the winds of change are blowing a little harder now and the sky is not as blue as it was just a short time ago. A storm and rain is moving in later this morning and I was already aware of this change as I have a job going right now that is weather sensitive. But how many times in this life do we wake up to blue skies one morning to only be blindsided by a massive storm come late morning or early afternoon? How many times have the storms of life taken us by surprise? Many times the signs are there that a storm is coming but they are so often ignored until BAM there I am in the midst of a raging storm and a fight for life and peace and comfort and calm.

The other day I read and did a devotional on the fact that in this world we will have trouble. The same is true today. There is a storm and bad weather coming for real today in northern Wisconsin. I have made necessary preparations in my physical life for this bad weather.

Maybe there’s another storm coming in my personal life. My life is still not storm free but I do feel as though my ship is in much calmer waters now and I’ve been able to make some necessary repairs to it. There is still the odd rogue wave or hard downpour at times or a little thunder and lightning at times but it’s definitely not what it was that’s for sure.

So today I just want say build your house on the rock of Jesus Christ!! Anchor yourself and all that you are at your core to Jesus. He will not fail in the storm. He never failed me once even in my darkest and most difficult of times. He was always there and a very present help in trouble for me!!

Maybe you’re in a storm right now or a battle in your heart and mind and you don’t know where ti go or who to look for for help. You feel your welcome is worn out with friends or that you are a burden to their heart and mind. Maybe you feel that no one knows or even cares. These are real feelings and struggles in the midst of a massive life storm!! It’s ok!! You’re normal. You’re not strange and you’re not alone.

I could continue to write for a whole day on this but I won’t. Do this!!! Run to Jesus!!! Cry out to Him!! He will hear you!! He will care!!! He will answer and He will show Himself strong on your behalf!!! You will find Him if you search for Him!! He will be there amongst the destruction and devastation and loneliness!!! He is very near to the broken-hearted!!


If you’re not in a storm in life today or have never truly experienced a life altering storm yet. There is one coming some day. Build your house on the rock in these good days and in these good times do this.


May you find Him in your day today somewhere. Look for Him!! He will be there somewhere for sure!! Don’t find Waldo!

FIND JESUS in your day TODAY!!!


He loves you!!

And so do I!!

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