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Where Does True Potential Come From?

Updated: Feb 15

I'll admit it - I'm one of those on again, off again self-help people who read, watch videos, listen to podcasts and just try to learn how to be more efficient in different areas of life. One of the key themes across "self-help" is the idea that we are not living up to our true potential. It would be difficult to convince myself that sitting on the couch eating potato chips and playing video games I'm reaching my full potential in that moment. However, the Lord says there is a time for all things - certainly the video games and chips can't become my entire existence, but relaxing and enjoying some junk food on occasion is not a bad thing.

This raises the question - where does true productivity and potential come from?

The Source of All Productivity

When you think about it, who is the most productive being in existence? God Almighty, of course! He doesn't need sleep, He keeps the entire universe in existence, and He is deeply involved in each of our lives. While all the "self-help" gurus would have you believe you should conjure motivation and drive from within yourself, remember to go to your Heavenly Father first. He is the master of all productivity, and He desires a relationship with you - that means being involved in all areas of your life.

So instead of trying to manifest your goals through your own power, bring them before God in prayer. Ask for His wisdom, strength and guidance in achieving what He wants for your life. True potential comes from walking in step with Him.

Practical Application

I've noticed that when I try to make big life changes on my own, they rarely stick for long. But when I bring my goals and desires to God in prayer first, everything changes.

For example, I know I need to workout more regularly and eat healthier. But in my own strength, these good habits fall by the wayside after a few weeks. However, when I pray something like "Lord, please give me the strength and self-control to stick to my workout routine and make wise choices about what I eat," it makes all the difference!

By relying on God's power and not my own, I find I'm able to consistently workout several times a week and resist the urge to over eat. This shows that true potential doesn't come from within, but from allowing God to work in and through you.

In Closing

So next time you feel stuck in a rut and unable to reach your goals, don't just try to psyche yourself up. Go to the all-powerful and loving God who created you! Ask Him to transform you by the power of His Spirit, and walk closely with Him each day. This is where true lasting change comes from. Our potential is unlocked when we rely on the Creator rather than ourselves.

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