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Rich Larson - Executive Director/Ministry Founder

Rich was educated at Bethel University and Seminary for 6 ½ years with a focus on Biblical and Theological Studies.  Rich is certified in coaching church planters through Converge Great Lakes. He has been a pastor for the past 25 years. He founded The Brick Ministries of Ashland, was president and now is a consultant. Rich founded Crossroads Outreach Center and now serves as the Director of Development. For 5 years, he was a Coordinator of Compassion Ministries for Converge Great Lakes, which is made up of 110 churches in Wisconsin.  Rich ran a small business and was a warehouse manager of Northwestern Products. He has been married for 27 years to wife Heidi and has three boys.  He has a passion to serve the Lord by using the gifts he has been given to be a part of the church as it is transformed by God’s power so that people will encounter Jesus, and that God will be glorified. Crossroads Outreach is a way that he can be a part of coming alongside churches and see God’s kingdom grow.

Carla Ward - Director of Changing Hope Ministry

Carla’s heart is to answer the call in Colossians 3:12-14 to wear the compassionate cloak of Christ by serving the Last, the Least and the Lost.


Her instruction from God in the middle of a prison visiting room full of murderers, thieves, rapists, addicts and drug dealers was to

"Teach Them Who I Am”. To see Jesus in the hearts of inmates and their families. To see them through Christ’s eyes, forgive as He forgives and loves them as He loves. She is passionate about assisting those impacted by addiction and incarceration with the restoration of their relationships, beginning with Jesus Christ.


Carla was raised in Ashland and has returned, where she loves lake life in the woods. She has 2 sons and 7 grandchildren.





Brian Cole - Key Volunteer of Addiction Transformation

After thirty years involved in Satanism and the occult, twenty-seven years of incarceration - four as a juvenile, twenty-three as an adult.

For twenty-five years he was a drug addict and caught up in many other addictions such as cutting, pornography, sex, dungeons and dragons, and many more. In 2009 after being suicidal and almost succeeding on 3 occasions, Brian was arrested for the last time. At the age of forty-four he had finally “come to himself,” and through a faith-based drug and alcohol program offered in the county jail, he came to know the truth of Jesus Christ and was born again on January 22, 2009, being radically saved by the very same God he had denied for so many years! In addition to his work at Crossroads Outreach Center, Brian is the pastor of The Oaks Community Church in Drummond, Wisconsin.