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Addiction Transformation

Pastor Brian Cole (Knecht) 

Past Experience/Venues

Brian has been public speaking for 8 years in many different venues from schools, churches, youth groups, youth conferences, Gideon Conventions, outreach events, conferences, meth forums, colleges, etc.


After 30+ years involved in Satanism and the occult, 27+ years of incarceration (4 as a juvenile, 23 as an adult), 25+ years as a drug addict, and caught up in many other addictions such as cutting, pornography, sex, dungeons and dragons, etc., in 2009 after being suicidal and almost succeeding on 3 occasions, I was arrested for the last time! At the age of 44 I had finally "come to myself," and through a faith based drug and alcohol program offered in the county jail, I came to know the Truth of Jesus Christ and was born again on January 22, 2009, being radically saved by the very same God I had denied for so many years!

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