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How are we accomplishing our mission:

Crossroads vision is to see communities become healthier.  We recognize there are broken and hurting people who are in desperate need of help.  We know that in our surrounding counties of Northern WI there are struggles and abuse that are abnormally high compared to the rest of the state.  There is a need in our communities to assist people in a healthy way.     …equip God’s people to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ.   Eph. 4:12

Crossroads is at another level of our ministry of where we are needing to expand.  We have been blessed to use part of a building to do our reclamation workshop and have our offices in another building, but we have had to do some of our ministries in other buildings and places.   We are now blessed with having a 18,000 sq ft building where we can do most of our ministries under one roof.  We were blessed with a donation to be able to purchase the building where our reclamation workshop is and have recently moved our offices to the same location.  This building needs considerable work to make it completely functional. We have broken down the remodeling into three phases:

Phase 1) remodel the bathrooms, kitchen, lounge/dining area and build the conference/training center.

  • This phase will allow us to do all our training and equipping ministries.

Phase 2) build bedrooms and add additional conference/training space.

  • This phase will allow us to be able to do weekend retreats and larger conferences and trainings.

  • It also will allow housing for men in our first phase of Changing Hope.

Phase 3) putting a new roof on and remodel the exterior walls as well as landscaping.

  • This phase will give us a security of doing ministry for many years to come, dry!

  • More parking and separate entrances to different areas of ministry.

The cost of the remodel and construction of the three phases is $230,000. We need to raise all these funds to accomplish this.

We are also looking to raise an additional $150,000 (above the $230,000 needed for the remodel) for our operational budget in order to expand our current ministries, support additional ministry staff and to provide for the cost of heating/maintaining the increased building space that will be in use.

Phase1 finished:

One goal that we’ll pursue is to have 200 men and 200 women a year go through our Life Relaunch ministry.  Additional goals would be to offer our facilitator & coaching trainings, and life skill classes such as budgeting, marriage, worship, freedom from addiction, healthy family relationships, creative hobbies, gardening, and others.

Phase2 finished:

One goal that we will be able to pursue is our yearly conference and concerts of prayer as well as other larger events.  A second goal is to be able to provide housing for our phase one Changing Hope and Life Relaunch ministry.

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God has given us a lofty vision, not for our glory but His. We need your partnership to see this vision come to life.

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