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Life Relaunch Wisconsin

God moved in power with Jesus' presence and power of the Holy Spirit upon the Wisconsin Life Relaunch experience! 

Here are some comments from this powerful 2-Day experience


Men's Testimonies


Wayne - This Life Relaunch Experience helped me realize that I don't Have to hold onto the things of the past. They do not define me, God Does!

Reece - This experience reminded me of how blessed I have been growing up in the way that I was. Jesus reminded me who I am called to be as a man, husband, and hopefully a father someday. This showed me what all three of those look like under Christ's leadership, a warrior.

Trent - My life has a meaning from my own experiences, and now I understand how to use them with Jesus.

Jimmy - I feel peace within myself. Now I can be the warrior that He wants me to be, and to be a leader for my family and friends. (prayer) “Thank you Lord for saving me and bringing me peace. Thank you for taking my pain! And, it’s only through you that this is possible.” Amen.


Tom - The enemy of my soul has, over the last 4 years, tried to rob me of the divine power that is mine in Jesus Christ. I had become a defeated “side-liner” and had given up and felt hopeless. But, Jesus has restored me to warrior status by speaking the truth into my inner man. I discovered that I was seeking validation from my wife and another woman, and that only He can validate me..

Cary - Life Relaunch provided me with great insight about who I am in Christ. Good thoughts about how to relate to our wives or the women in our lives. Also the sessions on hearing from God, the healing of the father wounds, and my relationship with Him. Appreciated my facilitator so much and the prayers. Looking forward to going much deeper!

Ashley - My heart drew validation that I am on the correct path that God wants me to be on. I pray for understanding from those around me.


John - Jesus restored me by releasing the guilt and fear, and allowed me to forgive the sins of my past put on me by my father. Praise the Lord!

Joshua - I realized my identity in Christ is the most important aspect of my journey. For far to long I’ve allowed other things to control my day to day choices. Also, I am aware now of my similarities to other men. I am so free to be who the Lord wants me to be, and to not be ashamed of who I am. I found a deeper healing that I didn’t know was possible, or needed to be tended to. I’m ready to stand in God’s army with brothers and sisters that understand one another and understand that if we fight the enemy together we shall receive victory!

Bryce - He helped me to understand what my main mission is, to bring restoration to my family and myself. Also, to relaunch my faith back into action by going out and bringing the people who are lost back to Jesus, and to do this with love, faith, and integrity. Also, to walk with the Lord faithfully until I die and go home to Him.

Mitch - I truly do not want to physically harm anyone ever again. I am a child of God. I will not bring any emotional or spiritual baggage with me. I will continue my life as a new man. Thank you Life Relaunch!


Craig - I have been totally set FREE from all bondage, Jesus has reassured me that I am not alone, and that I am worthy of His love and grace. Jesus, you have restored me as a child of God. And through you Jesus, I can do anything. Jesus, I give you the glory of who I am through you. Thank you Jesus! I love you!

Dusty - Jesus restored my heart through His love for me, and what He sacrificed for me. He has plans for me! He pointed out that through Him, I need to share His word for the salvation of others.

Len - I feel set free and will give the Lord control over my life and will work to heal my family in Jesus.

Ken - Today, I understood how wounded I was and how it affected me. I was set free of bondages I have been carrying for years. My wounds are healed and I have a new level of peace. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has for me next!


Michael - Things I thought were done and dealt with were not as some were still hidden in my heart. Ray was helpful in pulling these things out as he was an instrument of the Holy Spirit to release what was binding my true walk with Christ. Thank you for two amazing days to get me started on His path in my ministry to Him our King Jesus and those around me!

Keith - Healing and forgiveness have been reaffirmed. Trust and courage to continue the next level of faith assignment. The facilitators were mature men of faith and did an exceptional job of presenting the material covered, and had the heart and wisdom to counsel and lead me to victory and a higher level of faith and power in Christ Jesus.

Brad - I have learned that if God can forgive me, I can forgive myself and be free.

Jim - This event helped me deal with past issues and wounds that have hindered me in the past from walking in freedom and wholeness.

Brian - The material spoke to me in my Spirit about my relationship with my wife and that it needs to be restored. I laid down my selfishness and will sacrifice for her.


Fran - This program has set me free to be who Jesus says I am. I can walk in total freedom in Christ. I highly recommend this program to all men who love the Lord.


Jason - Jesus cast out my past and cleansed me of the evil spirits that were attached to me from childhood. I’ve been cleansed and set free. No longer a prisoner of my past.

Jeremiah - This was definitely an encouraging time for me as a man. It helped solidify my thoughts and struggles within. The battle for the hearts and minds of men and women rages. I will continue to stand firm in the Lord and proclaim His truth. A powerful weekend with some great guys!


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Upcoming Events

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    Registration closes 1 week prior to event.
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