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Love Never Fails

Updated: Jun 24

Hosea 2:20b

…and thou shalt know the Lord.

In this passage and book of the Bible the Lord is likening His people to an unfaithful spouse. Someone who looks everywhere but to their spouse for that which is right there before them. And we’re not talking about an imperfect flawed spouse!! We’re talking about a perfect spouse who has always done the right thing and said the right words and only ever done good and right to their spouse. A perfect spouse!!! No one has one of those right?

But wait yes we do!! If we are born again child of God. If our faith has been placed in the shed blood of Jesus on our behalf for the payment of my sin then the Bible says that I am part of the bride of Christ. I have a spouse who will never fail and will only ever do only right for me and to me. He says here that He will betroth unto me forever!! He will never leave!! Praise God!! Man that’s so so good as being forsaken is not an emotion that mankind was ever meant to carry or deal with and it is wreaking havoc on the church of Jesus this day and age. The churches divorce rates are even/same as with that of the world because I honestly believe that the church doesn’t completely understand or believe that we are to emulate Christ even in this area. He never leaves us!!! Never!!! No matter how unfaithful we are He remains the same, steadfast and sure, in loving kindness and mercy and righteousness and judgment and faithfulness as this passage so clearly and plainly states. Why then are we as Christian’s so quick to accept and go down the devastating road of divorce? Why do we give up on spouses who we swore to and made covenant with God and them to love till death due us part. No one stands at the altar and says well till death due us part unless and then proceeds to give a list of all the failures or faults or sins that they’ll leave over. Yet here we are with divorce rates well over 50% and the church makes exception and gives outs for ending marriages. That is not and never will be the heart of the gospel. Never!! Who has ever strayed to far or been to unfaithful that God has said you’re no longer mine and therefore I give up on you I’m taking my Spirit back and you’re not part of my bride anymore? Hasn’t happened post cross!! He never leaves us nor forsakes us because that’s not the way of love!! Love never fails!! Never!!!

It doesn’t give up!! Never!! It never says I’m done with you!!! Never!!

This might make some people feel like I’m judge mental but I’m not as I realize that divorce is everywhere and seems to have affected most people in this life in one way or another. No shame or guilt from me!! Heck I’m divorced and that’s why I write this as I have a whole new perspective on it and an empathy for people on both sides of divorce both those who are not wanting one but got one anyway and those who drove the divorce and felt they had no other option but that. My heart goes out to both as both experience great pain and consequence in it.

Since it has happened for me as I do believe that it 100% happened for me as painful and devastating as it has been. I have learned so much more about myself and who I am and addressed so many deficiencies in my life and pray that I continue to do so but I have also gotten to know the Lord on a whole new level. I have experienced His love and faithfulness in entirely new ways and I know Him better now than I ever could have before. He is more real and more experiential to me than I ever allowed or desired Him to be without these horrible changes.

So I said all that to say 2 things.

1.) Let’s be thankful today and this weekend for Gods faithfulness and abiding love and never ending pursuit of relationship with you and me. Let’s praise Him that He never no never gives up on us and never will!!!

2.) Let’s not give up on people!! Whether it’s a spouse who is not what they should be don’t quit on them. Set some boundaries and work towards addressing the issues but don’t be the one who gives up on the relationship. Whether it’s a friendship or family member don’t give up!! Love them like Jesus and He will never fail.

Those things cannot be done without a complete surrender in the pain and circumstance of life to Jesus. Failing in the process is ok. Every new moment is hopeful and beautiful in Jesus!!

If you have failed like me in these areas of life it’s ok you’re not alone you’re in good company with the multitudes who have gone before you.

Our passage phrase said “and thou shalt know the Lord.” Are you knowing Him today? How’s your heart? Where is there change needed in your knowing of Him?

I love you all so very much and this was a difficult one for me but it’s my heart. Please hear no condemnation or anything negative from me!!


He loves you!!

And so do I!!

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