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The Jesus Way!!

Updated: Jun 24

Hosea 6:1

Come let us return unto the Lord for he hath torn and he will heal us he hath smitten and he will bind us up.

I haven't written for quite a few days now and it’s not because I was traveling or gone somewhere but just because I seem to be in a weird place in my heart and mind right now. I explained it to someone as a dry spot but that doesn’t really fully describe it. Uncomfortable yes. A place of discontentedness yes, a place of loneliness yes, a place of I don’t want to be in this place yes. Lots of things that I could say that’s it I’m done I’m gonna move in my own direction now God. You’ve had enough time to change my situation and my life for the better and yet here we are in this space that you seem to so clearly desire for me to be in. So this morning like last night I surrender again to choosing the Jesus way.

I was driving home from a worship night last night in which God spoke so clearly to me in and showed me more of my life and he gave me a glimpse of something in my life and my relationship with him and how they were so similar. Not necessarily negative but a place to which I was blind to and needed pain to be able to see. Well I got the pain and now I can see many things oh so much clearer.

Here in this passage this morning it mentions that He does the tearing and the healing, he does the smiting and the binding up. He’s like His word a two edged sword!!

What does all this mean to me today? I choose the Jesus way. If I’m hated I choose to love. If I’m done wrong by I choose to do right anyway. If I’m taken advantage of the I choose to offer more. If I’m spoken to harshly I choose words of kindness. If I am cursed I will choose to bless. If I am hurt then I choose forgiveness.

If someone is helpless I choose to help. If someone is hopeless then I choose to show them that there is hope in Jesus. I choose the Jesus way!!!!!! I do!!! I do!!!!

His way is so contrary to the crowds and honestly contrary to much of the modern church as a whole. It’s so sad but oh so true these days. His way and many times the things He desires grates against our flesh and pride and what we think is right for the most important person many times in my life. Me!!

His focus on this earth was others and serving and giving of His time and emotions and heart to all those around Him. That was the Jesus way. Sacrifice. That was the Jesus way.

I believe He asked things of me in these past couple of weeks that honestly I have second thoughts about and my flesh has a real problem with sometimes and I have great push back in my heart and mind. I know the things asked of me are right and good but I feel like a fool sometimes and honestly believe some folks think I’m an idiot. I’m ok with that most of the time but I’m human and it wears on my person some days more than others. So this choosing the Jesus way is very much a conscious decision and choice that I have to make consistently. I have to deny myself. I have to walk in humility. I have to remember that it’s all Jesus’s anyway. From the air I breathe, to my health and strength, to what he monetarily blesses me with. It’s all His!!! I owe it all to Him!! So this morning I make the conscious choice to choose the Jesus way!!!

How about you? Where in your life do you need to choose the Jesus way? Has He asked great things of you which requires great self denial? Are you at a place in life where some decisions need to be made and you don’t know what to do? I understand!!! 100%!! Choose the Jesus way!!

It might be seemingly the most self denying way and it probably is but it will be the most life giving, conscious blessing and Christ honoring way. He will not despise your choice to go the Jesus way!! It will many times be against the grain of what most people do. You will stand out. It might be the biggest battle against self that you’ve ever fought. You might experience many failures and bumps in living it out but if you continue fighting our enemy and keep choosing the Jesus way you won’t be sorry!! When you fail and you will confess to Jesus and He will give you the strength to rise again and choose His way. And when it happens again? Repeat!!! Over and over and over!! Choose the Jesus way!!

I am today!! Deny self, take up my cross and choose the Jesus way again!! In the face of great opposition and obstacles everywhere!! Pressed on every side but the answer comes from above and from without this fleshly existence we call life. Jesus way is the supernatural way and that’s the way I choose today and it’s the first time in about a week that I am joyously choosing it. It’s possible my people. I go out into this day with a phrase that I have by my light switch on a sticky note.

“I look for and expect something supernatural today in my life.”


He loves you!!

And so do I!!

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