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Surrender the comfort!!


I’ve never written a devotional without a passage of scripture but here it is.

As I sit here in my truck at a place I wrote a devotional from months ago in the UP of Michigan on my way home from church.

Blue skies with a few clouds, the water pouring over the dam which I can’t hear as the black flies swarm outside my windows and way down the lake it appears a swan is in battle with some other birds(to far away to be sure).

I sit here and just want to express gratitude to God for meeting me in the service today. I prayed for a direct word for my heart and battle of my day. He met me and answered that prayer in less than 2 hours. I’ve been praying for clarity and direction and it came through another instance of surrender brought on by physical pain(back went out yesterday), and the pain of a broken family celebrating today without me(ouch). Very uncomfortable space to be sure!!

I’ve been asking the Lord for peace and He has not given that to me in the situation that I find myself in. But today in the message Gods voice was heard loud and clear when the pastor said peace is not necessarily comfortable space. As a matter of fact many times peace is found in the most uncomfortable spaces in life.

You see I believe that I’ve been looking for peace and that peace needs to come in my mind through a more comfortable situation and circumstance for me. I’ve been doing what man in general does naturally which is look for comfortable things.

I owned it to Jesus this morning and surrendered this place that I have been so unwilling to give Him 100% of me in. May His will be done in my life and may He give me the grace and fortitude of heart and mind to continue this oh so difficult area of my heart to Him. He knows my heart and my battle and He’s more than able to meet me in this place over and over again. I will have to surrender this place many times and if I fail in the process I will just have to confess it to Him and make the next right step.

I give this place to Jesus this morning and if I’m honest it’s been a place that up until now I’ve been unwilling to surrender. That changes today!! I don’t know what He will do with it but I just give it all to Him.

The message of the Bible is surrender and though the word itself is not mentioned the concept and message is prominent throughout. Anyone and everyone ever throughout history who knew anything about our great God and Savior Jesus knew great surrender as He is the King and the supreme Leader of all of life and existence.

He is fully trustworthy and fully capable and reliable and always does right regardless of me.

So I just pose this question to you today.

What in your life do you know He is calling you to surrender?

What situation or battle needs to be given to Him?

Have you like me been looking for peace without being uncomfortable?

We are all called to live lives that bring honor and glory to Jesus and if dare to say that where the most glory is found is in the places that are uncomfortable and void of our abilities and efforts. Our natural man definitely doesn’t want to live in that space but His power and presence is definitely most visible and experienced in places void of me and my comfort.

Where are you at today?

To comfortable?

Jesus invade our comfortable!!!


He loves you!!

And so do I!!

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