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Where’s the PEACE??

John 20:19b

…Peace be unto you.

God is so good!! This has been the word and the thing that I have been searching for for quite some time now. Peace!!! It seems to be a fleeting thing in my life these past couple of years. Heck maybe a good portion of my life. Because the true peace that I’m talking about is not comfortability. I believe a good portion of my life up until these past few weeks I was believing and maybe mistaking comfortableness for peace and peace is not necessarily found in the comfort of life. That’s why there are so many jacked up people and relationships and families. I believe as I look back I was looking for peace and settled for comfortable instead. Oh there were times when comfortable wasn’t working 100% but I believe that I was willing to just take the “easy” way of complacency and comfort instead of searching for and surrendering to the process to find the true peace that I was longing for.

I found that peace last Sunday and it wasn’t through the painless but quite the opposite. It was found in doing the hard thing and the uncomfortable action. Making some choices that I honestly was feeling called to make but wasn’t willing up until then to make because they would put me in positions of extreme discomfort for an unknown space of time.

The pastor has been mentioning peace quite a bit the last couple of weeks and I’ll just say that I guess the Lord truly does know what we have need of and when we need it desperately. I was desperate last Sunday and somewhere in my day yesterday if I’m honest I allowed circumstances to rob me of my peace. I don’t dwell in a peaceful situation in life anymore but it is possible to have peace in the crappy places of life. Broken relationships in life with those closest to our hearts might be one of the most difficult places to find peace in honestly. They put us in places where we can’t control or change or sometimes even influence the outcomes and many times any words or movement from us makes things worse and tensions rise and feelings and emotions grow and become almost unbearable.

I believe that this is where we find these people in this passage. Jesus is dead and they are in distress and despair and maybe wanting to just “sleep it off”. They were scared living in fear and closed off to the rest of society and had no peace.

As I read this passage this morning I found it very interesting that that which I was thinking about and feeling a lack of He has put here in this place so so long ago. He definitely knows what we have need of.

So I speak His words over me this morning. Peace be unto me!!! Peace be unto me!! Peace be unto me!!!

I don’t know where you are at in life today but maybe you are needing peace this morning? Maybe you have mistaken comfortable for peace? Have you? Only you know. Are there issues in relationships around and with you but instead of finding the vulnerability and honesty to get to a peaceful outcome. Are you willing to just stay silent and accept comfortable? It’s “comfortable” until it’s not. It’s “comfortable” until divorce papers are served.

Peace will be found in the surrender of all and every area and relationship in life and being right with people and the Lord of Heaven. Only you know. Only I know. So how’s your peace this morning? I found it again this morning if only fleetingly, but it’s a process and when I fail in the process I will start over and then do it again and again!!!

Peace be unto you!!!


He loves you!!

And so do I!!

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