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Walking in power and Authority

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

If we are adopted into God's family how then should we live?

This post was written before the passing of Queen Elizabeth, it is interesting the timing of world events and how God orchestrates and puts messages on our hearts.

Royalty is a foreign concept to we Americans who's ancestors overthrew their British overlords. We get glimpses into earthly royalty through Hollywood portrayals of royal life in movies and tv shows, but what does true heavenly royalty look like? Though you may not easily accept this truth if you have accepted Jesus as your savior; YOU are of the royal bloodline.

Am I suggesting we as believers hold up our noses to those wicked sinners because we are better than anyone? Certainly not. Jesus said he came to serve not to be served. So how do we exercise our royal authority?

Walk in the Spirit

When you pray (which I hope as a believer you're doing often) . You have been given authority over the spirit realm; when the forces of darkness present themselves to you, you can tell them where to go and what to do in Jesus name. Does this mean you should go looking for demons under every rock? Probably not unless God calls you to such an endeavor. However, you should learn to recognize the influence of the enemy; have you struggled with a difficult sin pattern? There is a spiritual component that tries to keep you from getting free of those patterns.

Explore and develop this sense

If you've been here a while you've probably heard us talk about Life Relaunch, we don't share much information about what goes on at these events. This is on purpose as it is not only difficult to put into words what takes place, but also the work is done by the Holy Spirit. If you are interested in going deeper into "walking in authority" I cannot recommend highly enough Life Relaunch. One of the areas we work on during the event is getting freedom from the wounds, and bonds the enemy tries to use to hold us back.

Here is where you can see all our upcoming events including all relaunch events

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