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Discipleship is at our Core

But what does that look like?


Life Relaunch

Life relaunch is the foundation we build on. The two day event shows us how we are in a spiritual battle and how Jesus sets us free. Once that journey starts we build on that foundation.

Practical Discipleship

One of our models is pairing guys up working together in the workshop. Not only are they working with their hands on fun projects, but talking through life and how to deal with the enemy.



Groups small and large we have get togethers where discipleship happens by believers gathering together and sharing how God is working in their lives.


The Warrior's Journey is the follow up to Life Relaunch. The path includes getting into study together, reading the word, and prayer. We provide opportunities for warrior's to do life together.



Working together on service projects not only gives us the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that change lives and communities. 

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