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H.O.P.E. - Healing Of People... Everyone

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Hope Nights at Crossroads Outreach center around unity. You don't have to go through your challenges alone. We gather for a time of visiting, snacks and enjoying a blend of music, equipping, sharing, and mutual support. We warmly invite everyone to attend, no matter what you may be going through. You don't have to face it alone.

What Do We Offer?

Hope Night is akin to a recovery support group, similar in nature to "Celebrate Recovery" or AA meetings. Our primary aim is to foster a compassionate environment where everyone can freely express their feelings, struggles, and realize they're not isolated in their experiences. At Hope Nights, we extend support without judgment, walking beside one another through life's trials.

Am I really welcome?

At Hope Night, we emphasize that healing is universal. While those grappling with drugs and alcohol are undeniably welcomed, our doors are open wide to everyone, recognizing that all of us face unique challenges in life. Whether it's stress, grief, personal battles, or any other life struggle, we believe in creating a community where everyone is accepted and can find support from those eager to walk alongside them. Also, while our faith guides us and will be shared, Hope Night is not solely a religious gathering. We encourage participation from all backgrounds, irrespective of personal beliefs. Whether you have a steadfast faith, doubts, or don't believe in God, you're welcomed here. At Hope Night, come as you are, knowing you'll be embraced in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.

Our Material

The content we discuss is a curated blend from various programs, similar to the ones mentioned above, combined with our facilitators' unique insights. Our teachings draw from extensive experience in addiction recovery, lay counseling, recovery support, and the medical field. Our facilitators come from diverse backgrounds, including both professional and personal recovery experiences. Once again, our overarching goal is to offer a safe, welcoming space for everyone to collectively navigate life's challenges.

Join Us

Could you or someone you know benefit from Hope Nights? We invite everyone, just as they are, to join us every Monday at 5:30pm at Crossroads Outreach Center, 3600 Ellis Ave, Ashland, WI. If you have questions or need more information, please call us at (715) 682-1053.

Help us spread the word share this poster to help promote HOPE:

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