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What is Changing Hope?

Changing Hope is one of our core foundational ministries; it offers a starting point or gateway to other ministry offerings. When we meet an individual for the first time we ask them about their interests, goals, skills, and individual needs. Everyone's situation is different so we need to know how to best serve each person. Changing Hope starts by asking questions and getting to know each participant.

Once we have some ideas on needs we build a plan with the participant to reach their stated goals. It could be staying clean, getting an apartment, finding work, getting their kids back, or all of the above. Whatever their goals we create a personalized plan of action and help them break down each goal into bite sized chunks; step 1 2 3 and so on.

We then help build the right connections; if the goal is work related sometimes we introduce them to employers we have relationships with, or help them connect with the CEP office and Job Center, we have a workshop where we can gage their skills and teach job related skills, we also have other community connections and resources. If their goal is sobriety we have groups and meetings throughout the week with mentors who have walked the same road. We offer budgeting classes, parenting classes, marriage classes, and we regularly add more.

Changing hope is the starting point that connects to all our other ministries. Through it we are able to offer each participant tailored action plans and help them plot a course of action.

Crossroads is a family we have family members young and young at heart. We love the people we work with, we don't force anyone to do anything we simply offer help and support along the journey. One never truly graduates but simply moves to the next phase of the journey, we love when participants become the mentors. 

Why is it called changing hope? We can put our trust in a lot of things; money, people, ourselves, etc. But truth is that these things will fail us. While we never force our views on anyone we openly share from our personal stories; God is the most solid foundation. Again, we don't turn anyone away if they believe differently, but usually the more time participants spend in our company they see God working and start to ask questions. We believe the best place to put our trust and hope is in God; changing hope is about demonstrating a better way to live not just through our words but by being open books to the transforming work that God has done in our lives.

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