Changing Hope Ministry oversees our Jail MinistryAlmond Tree Ministry, and Addiction Transformation Program.

The Addiction Transformation program at Crossroads is a 12-18 month addiction transformation program that provides Time, Environment and Purpose for addicts who have lost their way. It encompasses:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation – Reclamation Workshop provides opportunities for addicts to learn work ethic and job skills by creating wood products and producing revenue to further support the overall ministry

  • Biblical coaching, guidance and life restoration programs to address addictions, family structure, life/relationship skills and recreation

  • Family and social support to assist participants with restoration to their families and communities


Changing Hope Ministry is led by Carla Ward

This is Carla Ward, Director of Changing Hope Ministry. Two words: fiery warrior! Carla dedicates her time and energy to giving women and men a second chance at life. She stands for freedom from addiction and brings women and men to the truth about the reality they face. She understands what it takes to bring those who are lost the love and care they so desperately need in the midst of their brokenness


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