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Can you relate?

John 18:27

Peter then denied again: and immediately the cock crew.

This one hit different this morning. So many thoughts about this passage and this man Peter who many times gets a bad rap from Christendom. Here in this passage we find him denying Jesus. Gosh I can only imagine how horrible the guy felt when that bird let loose and he realized what he had just done and Jesus’s voice was I’m sure ringing in his ears. Man my heart broke for him this morning as I put myself in that time and place. He like me was trying to preserve self and comfort and being able to follow without much pushback or problems or pain. It was cold out I’m sure a good portion of the reason was just the desire to stay warm and be as close to Jesus as possible without causing pain to himself. We already know the guy is ready to fight and he’ll step out of the boat. It was late he was tired and cold and be uncomfortable didn’t sound to good to his flesh I’m sure.

I identify with Peter. What would I have done? Would I have admitted that I was one of His followers? How many times have I denied Him in my life through thought, word, or deed? Would I have been like Peter and at least followed Him as far as he did? Where were the other disciples? Would I have bailed like them and just went my way? The focus is on Peters denial but they all denied Jesus.

How can this make a difference in my life today? How can I be more loyal and faithful to Jesus today? Where am I denying Him in my life?

Doing things that cause us discomfort is sometimes His way and the way that we can experience His power and Spirit more fully in this trek around this globe. Jesus is so so worth anything that we can give or bring to Him.

He is worth every price paid and every tear shed.

I desire to be like Peter and follow Jesus. Make mistakes. Repent and ask for forgiveness and take the next right step with Jesus as my guide. I do not want to live in the defeat of my past but in the victory of a new moment and day in Christ. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come but we have this moment now to hold and give our all for Jesus.


He loves you!!

And so do I!!

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