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How’s the Waiting??

Updated: Jun 24

Acts 1:4

…but wait for the promise of the Father…

You ever had to wait for something or someone in this life? Yeah you have!! Me too!

Ever been waiting and it feels like nothing positive is happening in that which you are waiting for?

Waiting is not the most enjoyable experience and it’s probably an exaggerated negative nowadays in this instant gratification world in which we live. It seems as though nothing is worth waiting on anymore. Parts to fix something broken so just throw it away and get a new one. My truck broke down oh time to trade it in for the $85k model. My spouse is not who or what I want them to be so instead of loving and working through it just throw the marriage away and get a new one or live my life alone and do what I want regardless of the massive casualties I leave behind. Or my friends said something about me to someone else so instead of doing what is needed to salvage the friendship just give up and not talk to them anymore. It’s easier!! No waiting!! No work, no pain, no problems!! All lies from the enemy of truth and right!! Satan, the god of this world has conivingly orchestrated these oh so horrible lies to make society and sadly many Christians believe that we need everything now(me included many times). Waiting is not what selfish humans want to do but it’s actually many times Gods path and the best teacher. These are truths that many times are just plain a battle to accept and continue to fight through. It’s easy to just go another path many times and then why wait right?

Well in this passage the ones who Jesus was leaving behind were told to wait for the promise of the Father.

How is that any different for us today? We wait for Jesus’s return. Maybe we are waiting for a healing. Maybe it’s a promotion. Maybe it’s a wayward child. Maybe it’s a relationship that is broken and you long for it to be repaired. Fill in the blank with what it is that you are waiting for. What is it for you?

What does waiting look like for you? Active or passive waiting? How much prayer is being prayed in the waiting? I mean real time spent on your knees prayer? That’s extremely convicting to me today. I need to make more prayer in my waiting a greater priority than I do.

Whatever we are waiting for Jesus knows cares and understands and is working something for us for our good in the waiting and in His time and way He will bring to pass that which He desires in and through each of us. Let’s all be a little more intentionally patient today in the waiting!! You’re not alone there’s lots of waiting going on in many lives all around this hurting world. Let’s be intentional, active and more devoted to prayer from this day forward!! Much love and thoughts to each of you my people!!


He loves you!!

And so do I!!

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