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How’s your decision making abilities?

John 19:8

When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he was the more afraid.

I found this verse interesting this morning. Here we find one of the most powerful men in the then known world and one statement is made about Jesus by the people who he is governing and it says he was more afraid. Maybe being Pilate under Caesar was fearful enough I don’t know but I do know as I continued to read that his decision making was not from a position or standing of confidence or conviction. It was actually in the end just an appeasement of the people and because he was afraid.

Lest I become to hard on him and think myself to be above that I would like to say actually that I sort of identified with the man in my past. I mean how many times have I done something or made a wrong decision based off of pressure (whether from self or others) or how often have I operated out of fear instead of faith and expected a good outcome or result?

You see I’m not that much different from Pilate. He was a man like me and his life and mind and decision making abilities and familial beliefs were engrained in him too and he found himself in a position of authority and influence and was now encountering Jesus this humble, kind, compassionate, yet extremely confident and vulnerable open man and it was quite possibly a new experience for him. Think of all the people that he had passed judgement on. Thieves, murderers, liars, extortioners and every other low life known to man. Then in walks Jesus and He is so different and unlike any other. Not angry or cursing. Not belittling or belligerent.

Then the Jews say that He claims to be the Son of God.

Pretty freaky actually!!

Cut to the chase and thought I identify with him Pilate made a horrible decision that day.

How many have I made?

How many wrong choices in a thousand different scenarios?

Do I hold myself to a different standard or see myself as better than or above even Pilates decision given the choice and the pressure and the power?

What would I have done?

What decision or decisions is He calling me to make now?

Are my decisions bringing honor and glory to the all powerful name of Jesus today?

How about you? Ask those questions of yourself? How do you measure up?

No judgement or shame or guilt so don’t pick that up or put that on yourself. We are human. We will mess up. We will make wrong choices. But we don’t have to let those choices and decisions define us or our standing with God. If you’ve been making bad choices here’s some good counsel. STOP!!!!

Repent/confess turn to Jesus or back to Jesus and move on in victory starting now. And when you fail in the process of going forward in victory repeat. Repent/confess turn to Jesus and move on in victory. Over and over as many and as often as is necessary. That’s it that’s all. Let’s go make the next right decision today!!


He loves you!!!

And so do I!!

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