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The Great Know It All!!

Updated: Jun 24

Acts 1:24

…Thou Lord, which knowest the hearts of all men…

He knows our hearts this morning!! Yours and mine and your neighbors and the jerk down the street. That has always been extremely comforting to me because even when I battled with being unknown and particular sin in my life I knew that He knew my heart and all the broken spots that I just hadn’t gone low enough to reach out to Him for help for and some I had confessed to Him and figured I was all good. My heart for Him has always been soft and I’ve always been a person who feels deeply and sheds tears easily.

Anyway I’m so glad this morning that He knows my heart. I’m glad He sees my desire to please Him amongst the many failures and the impatience that I exhibit many times. He knows my heart!!!!!!

So if you’re walking through life and feeling completely misread and misunderstood this morning I want to encourage you again that Jesus sees your heart and knows what’s deep down inside. I understand and want to say that I have great empathy for you if that’s you.

Be encouraged today because Jesus knows cares and understands it all. Love it!!! Love Him!!! He’s so great!!

Have a great day in knowing that you’re known and accepted today if your faith has been placed in Jesus!!


He loves you!!

And so do I!!

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