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Step into a world where stories come to life, where the echoes of the past merge with the promise of a brighter future. Our Wisconsin Wooden Wall Decoration is not just a simple piece of art; it's a tangible embodiment of resilience, hope, and second chances.


Crafted with utmost care, each piece begins its journey as weathered wood salvaged from once majestic barns that have stood the test of time. These noble structures, now ghosts of their former glory, carry the weight of generations past. But at Crossroads Outreach Center, we believe in breathing new life into broken treasures.


The ministry, committed to the ideals of reclamation, restoration, and redirection, stands as a beacon of hope for those in need. We reach out to individuals wherever they are on their journey, offering solace and support, irrespective of their struggles.


Within the walls of Crossroads, lives are transformed. Skills are nurtured, talents are honed, and a newfound purpose emerges. Our artisans, once lost in the tumultuous sea of life, now find solace and redemption in the artistry of their hands. And it is from this place of healing that the Wisconsin Wooden Wall Decoration is born.


Imagine the rich, earthy tones of aged timber, the rustic charm emanating from every grain. With meticulous attention to detail, our skilled craftsmen carve and shape the reclaimed wood, transforming it into a stunning rendition of the picturesque state of Wisconsin. No two pieces are alike, each bearing the distinctive marks and imperfections that tell a tale of endurance and character.


But it doesn't end there. When you bring home this exquisite piece of art, you become part of a greater narrative. The proceeds from your purchase flow directly back into this ministry, enabling us to reach out and touch more lives, one at a time. Together, we sow seeds of compassion, of empowerment, and of love.


Hang this Wisconsin Wooden Wall Decoration proudly in your home or office, and let its presence spark conversations and curiosity. Share the remarkable story behind its creation, a testament to the transformative power of faith, hope, and the human spirit.


Welcome to a world where redemption thrives, where reclaimed wood finds its purpose once again. Welcome to the Crossroads Outreach Center, where lives are changed, and where a simple wooden wall decoration carries a story of boundless possibilities.


Transform your space, transform lives. Order your Wisconsin Wooden Wall Decoration today and join us on this remarkable journey of hope.

WI Wall Art Plaque

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