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We Need Your Partnership!

Here at Crossroads our main focus is to equip Churches, Ministries and Individuals to effectively come alongside people in need. The goal is to utilize God’s warriors whom He has already equipped to serve in the areas where:

1) He has gifted them 

2) Their experiences have prepared them 

3) The victory over their sins has perfected them

Our team consists of individuals who take the call in Colossians 3:12 seriously – to wear the compassionate cloak of Christ, to love whom He loves, and to see them through the eyes of a servant. Here is a list of different areas your gifts could be put to use. If you want to volunteer or serve our ministry please contact us! 

  • Pastors

  • Ministry Leaders

  • Business Leaders

  • Intercessors

  • Ex-Convicts

  • Ex-Addicts

  • Jail Volunteers

  • Prison Fellowship Volunteers

  • Biblical Coaches and Educators

  • Families of Addicts/Incarcerated

  • Craftsmen, Handymen, Sportsmen, Seamstresses, Cooks, and other servant-minded role models

Team work

As our teams engage in this messy but perfect work of serving a broken population, the image of God is reflected into the communities and tribal reservations. Heads are turning and hearts are softening in these circles of servanthood. Other organizations who serve the same addicts are becoming aware of our presence and partnerships are forming. We are invited into their meetings. We are given space to lead the conversations. Desperation is where God loves to shine. We see communities beginning to come together. Churches are stepping up and in. We see evidence of God’s favor in more ways than we can name, and we are fully expectant that He plans to unleash great healing and transformation in a poor, broken, often discarded region of our state.

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